The University of Jaffna(JUA) Alumni Association’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan charts a four-year course for the association as we evolve to serve a variety of alumni audiences at specific life stages.
Over the next few years, we will transform our current offerings and introduce a suite of sophisticated, diversified, and targeted programming for current and future alumni.

For the past five years, the JUA has been engaged in a three-part strategy to:

Formalize our mission, vision, and priorities
Implement a foundation of programming and communications based on those priorities, and
Establish tools to measure and analyze the efficacy of those efforts.
As we look ahead, the JUA plans to make significant leaps forward in the scope and scale of our impact upon alumni. In order to focus our work, the JUA Board adopted strategic objectives – targets to be met through the programs, events, and services delivered by the organization.

Over the next 4 years, the JUA plans to:

Double the number of alumni who attend at least one event per year
Triple the number of alumni volunteers in JUA programs and events
Provide every undergraduate and graduate student with the opportunity to meaningfully engage with alumni each year
Develop and expand career support and mentoring programs for alumni and future alumni
Foster self-sustaining University of Jaffna alumni community groups led by volunteers
Provide lifelong learning opportunities to alumni, and
Promote the ties of goodwill between the Institute and its alumni.

The JUA Strategic Plan is ambitious, as the organization grows from a period of foundation building and moves towards the implementation of diverse and targeted in-person and virtual programming to impact the most alumni possible.

Building upon the great work of the Alumni Engagement Working Group and the Alumni Engagement Coordinating Council, the JUA will continue to drive forward in pursuit of its mission and vision.

It is our belief that through this plan, alumni and student experiences will continue to improve dramatically, in a matter befitting the caliber of the Institute and its impact on the world at large.