Innovation EcoSystem Project Founded in 2017 by a group of academics with a common goal, the Innovation Ecosystem North East Sri Lanka project

VISION Their vision is to be a global partner in educating, and providing comprehensive support for underprivileged entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. They firmly believe that the empowerment of great minds

Organize a meeting for young people in USA to find their soulmate.

There is no way to tell when you will meet your soulmate. May be you don’t believe in the soulmate theory. It works for some people, but not for many.

Donate text books to University of Jaffna

What to Do with Old Textbooks: Where to Donate Textbooks If you are a book lover like me or a student, the chances are that you have large stockpiles of

Recruit Jaffna University Students to US graduate school

Abstract One feature of the University of Jaffna North America chapter is the integration of a large number of undergraduate students into a relatively elaborate research program. We describe our

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